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Munroe numbers are the Geohashing equivalent of Erdős numbers.

  • You are Randall Munroe? Your Munroe number is 0.
  • Your Munroe number is one more than the lowest Munroe number of anyone you've met at a geohash.
  • (If there is no path from you to Randall, your Munroe number is infinite.)

Use the meetup graph to calculate your own number!


Randall Munroe's number is 0

  1. Zigdon met Randall Munroe at 2008-05-17 37 -122
  2. Ted met Zigdon at 2008-06-01 37 -121.
  3. Anniepoo met Ted at 2013-05-26 37 -121.
  4. Thomcat met Anniepoo at 2012-08-21 37 -122.
  5. GeorgDerReisende met Thomcat at 2014-02-23 49 8.
  6. Fippe met GeorgDerReisende at 2015-02-20 51 9.

Thus Fippe's Munroe number is (at most) 6 (unless a better connection is made later)


Not existing (yet)