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This is all bicycle segments of all of my geohash attempts. Distances are from my GPS tracklog. Bicycle hash achievement qualifiers will be bold.

Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
2009-04-16 48 -122
(Semiahmoo Bay, WA)
19.39km, 21.76km Start and end at a bus stop in White Rock, fairly close to the border.
2009-04-23 48 -122
(Orcas Island, WA)
32.19km to keep out signs,
10.94km to campsite,
20.23 to ferry the next day
Many, many hills. Drove to the ferry terminal; only cycled on the island.
2009-04-28 49 -122
(Coquitlam, BC)
27.95km, 28.75km The Iron Workers Memorial Bridge is scary on a bike.
2009-05-02 48 -122
(Silver Lake Park, WA)
48.52km to point,
1.78km to campsite
From a bus stop in Aldergrove to the hash point and campsite
2009-05-03 48 -122
(Laurel, WA)
55.15km campsite to point,
21.14km to bus
From campsite to the next hash point, and back to the Aldergrove bus stop

Total so far: 287.8km