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2013-02-03 51 0

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Sun 3 Feb 2013 in 51,0:
51.8070823, 0.1332988

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[edit] Location

Outside a house on High Wych Road, near the town of Sawbridgeworth.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

The plans were to get a train from Cambridge to Sawbridgeworth shortly after we managed to get out of bed in the morning, walk to the hashpoint via the river, and then head back into Sawbridgeworth for a pub lunch.

[edit] Expedition

The expedition went pretty much as planned, if perhaps a little later in the day than we originally hoped for, initially travelling on the 11:32 train from Cambridge to Sawbridgeworth (which was still just in the morning...). We had a very nice walk along the River Stort and then through a park that we subsequently discovered was called Pishiobury Park (offical website) ('Friends of...' website). There were a few bits of the park that had more mud than grass, but that probably wasn't unexpected given the time of year! It's definitely a place we'd up for visiting again in the summer.

From here, it wasn't very far at all to reach the hashpoint. We suspected that the exact hashpoint was in somebody's front garden, but when standing on the pavement outside their driveway, the GPS said we were 5 metres away, with an accuracy of 6 metres. That was good enough for us - we didn't fancy our chances asking the people who lived there for permission to walk all over their nicely kept lawn with our incredibly muddy boots!

It was now 1:30pm, and we were getting quite hungry, so we quickly headed directly into Sawbridgeworth town centre, where we found an excellent pub called The Gate, which had a fine selection of beers and did a delicious Sunday lunch. A short wander around the town centre followed, where we saw another couple of pubs that looked very nice, before we headed back to the train station for the journey back to Cambridge.

The overall summary was that this was an excellent day out, and Sawbridgeworth is now definitely on the map as somewhere we should visit in the future - for both walking and drinking!

[edit] Tracklog shows the route from Sawbridgeworth station, via the hashpoint, to the pub.

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[edit] Achievements

PaintedJaguar earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 0) geohash on 2013-02-03.
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by reaching the (51, 0) geohash on 2013-02-03 via the train.
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