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[edit] Usage

| date=...
| latitude=...
| longitude=...
| result=...
| description=...

[edit] Parameters

In YYYY-MM-DD format, e.g. 2014-10-06
Can also use lat=...
Can also use lon=...
One of good, ok, success, successful, succeed, succeeded for a successful hash;
One of bad, fail, failure, failed for a failed hash;
Anything else, for the rest.
You can leave the word result= out, as long as the result is the first unnamed parameter.
Optional; displays a bit of a blurb after the meetup links.
Can also use descr=... or desc=...

[edit] Examples

:{{User:Mattyk/Hash|date=2008-09-20|latitude=-19|longitude=146|result=success|description=out near Woodstock}}
:{{User:Mattyk/Hash|date=2008-10-04|lat=-19|lon=146|result=fail|descr=[[:Category:Failed - No public access|]]}}
:{{User:Mattyk/Hash|good|date=2008-11-05|lat=47|lon=-122|desc=Hash #30 for [[User:Thomcat|]].}}
:{{User:Mattyk/Hash|alt|date=2080-10-24|lat=-19|lon=146|desc=There is no spoon}}
Arrow2.png 2008-09-20 -19 146: out near Woodstock
Arrow4.png 2008-10-04 -19 146: Failed - No public access
Arrow2.png 2008-11-05 47 -122: Hash #30 for Thomcat.
Arrow1.png 2080-10-24 -19 146: There is no spoon