2008-11-05 47 -122

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Wed 5 Nov 2008 in Seattle:
47.6630345, -122.3906011

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On the south bank of the ship canal between Ballard and Magnolia. Some sort of storage location with a dock, and the area protected with a chain link fence and razor wire.




Drove there no problem, after dealing with a mouse in the house. 27th avenue is not so much a street as the entrance to a marine repair business - gate and mega speed bump in evidence. Towards the water, a gate led into the area containing the spot. A gate festooned with signs reading "Authorized Personnel Only" and "MARSEC Measures In Effect".

I spotted a guy taking a smoke break at the building or business to the west, and asked if he perchance knew who owned the lot to the east. "That's our storage area," he replied, so I went into full Ambassador mode. Agreeing I didn't look like one of those "greenie weenies" (people who sabotage honest boats, I believe), he walked over with me and even snapped a photo of me standing more or less on the spot. Thanks smoking man!

4:00 and nobody else there, so I drove off to make dinner. Successful geohash #30!