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Tue 17 Mar 2009 in Tōkyō:
35.9794568, 139.9238954

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Part two of a consecutive hash. Part three can be found here.

Today's hash fraction was an extreme northeastern corner (at least in this part of the world). If I'd been a little more intrepid, it was a rare opportunity for a land geohash in the Itō graticule to the south. Maybe next time.

The hashpoint was in a rather interesting location. It was located just a few meters off a road that runs along the boundary between a golf course and a cultivated floodplain. There's a high road bridge across the plain half a mile to the north.

To get there, I took an express train half an hour north out of Tokyo, then a local two stops to Kokinu, another little train station. From there I walked about four miles on roads to the hash site, taking a picture of a hair salon along the way.

The road next to the hashpoint turned out to be one of those tracks that runs along the top of a levee. There's a river between the levee and the golf course, and the hash location 25' west of the road turned out to be about 10' below it as well. If you look at the satellite photos, you can see two shades of green -- a lighter shade near the road, which is the levee bank, and a darker band of green to the west, which is river bottom land. The hashpoint was about halfway down the bank.

Lacking GPS, I was able to line up the hashpoint because it was almost directly opposite the edge of the southernmost water hazard on the adjacent golf course. Unfortunately, I got started later I had planned, and ran out of daylight. So my proof is pretty crappy because it's getting dark. However, you can still see the glimmer of the sky reflected in the water hazard.

On the way back, I got tired of walking, and eventually found a bus stop with a couple of people waiting at it. Not being able to read Japanese, I wasn't sure how close the bus would get me to where I wanted to go, but at least it was heading in the right direction. As it turned out, the bus took me all the way to the train station in Moriya, where I had changed trains on the way up, so I saved one train change on the way home.