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Välkommen till Geohashing Communityns Wiki. Geohashing är en metod för att hitta en slumpmässig plats i närheten och besöka den, med andra ord en Spontan Äventyrsgenerator. Geohashing startades av internetserien xkcd.

De flesta sidorna på denna wiki är på engelska. Du hittar de svenska sidorna i kategorin Category:Swedish pages.

So I failed to reach the hashpoint. I wet my trouser legs by wading through the damp barley. I got covered in clay mud. And I got two lifetime firsts, wildlife spotting. Result!
find some more great geohashing quotations here.

Vad är detta?

Algoritmen som den visas på xkcd comic #426, publicerad den 21 maj 2008.

Varje dag genererar algoritmen en ny uppsättning koordinater för varje 1°×1° latitud-/longitudzon (även känd som en kvadrant) i världen. Koordinaterna kan hamna var som helst - i en skog, i en stad, på ett berg eller till och med mitt i en sjö! Alla i en given region får samma koordinater i deras kvadrant.

Som sådant kan dessa koordinater användas som färdmål för äventyr, à la Geocaching, eller för lokala träffar. Efter allt det roliga är det dags att dokumentera din expedition! Resten av oss vill hemskt gärna läsa din historia, titta på dina foton och jubla åt din succé (eller sörja din förlust). Du kan använda den här wikin för att dokumentera de dagliga koordinater (geohasher) du varit vid eller försökt komma åt.

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  • A proposal to identify users who are willing to be advocates/mentors for geohashing.
  • We are almost always discussing in the Geohashing IRC channel: Join us in #geohashing on

Officiella möten med xkcd

Rhonda, Robyn och Wade vid ett möte i Kanada: 25 April 2009

Officiella träffar via xkcd är varje lördag eftermiddag kl 16:00 (*) på den dagens vanliga geohashkoordinater. Det räknas som en Lördagsträff om du är där 16.00 eller om du träffar någon annan där, även om det såklart är troligast att stöta på andra xkcdläsare om du är där vid rätt tid. Ta med spel!

Förslagsvis geohashar du vilken dag som helst i veckan då punkten är åtkomlig, men om du planerar bara ett möte så försök få det på lördagen. Alla möten startar 16.00 alternativt den tid som står på kvadrantsidan.

Det finns till och med en bedrift om man tar sig till 100 Lördagsträffar.

*I vissa områden är 16:00 efter solnedgången och då kan man ha tidigare möten. Kolla de individuella kvadrantsidorna för lokala avvikelser.

Tidigare och kommande koordinater

The coordinates for the next Saturday meetups, scheduled for 11 May 2019, will be based on the Dow’s opening price published at 09:30 EDT (13:30 UTC) on Friday 10 May. See to convert this time to your local time zone.

Disclaimer: When any coordinates generated by the Geohashing algorithm fall within a dangerous area, are inaccessible, or would require illegal trespass, DO NOT attempt to reach them. Please research each potential location before attempting to access it. You are expected to use proper judgment in all cases and are solely responsible for your own actions. See more guidelines.

Galleri över nyligen utförda expeditioner

Galleriet uppdateras automatiskt varje dag, men själva bilderna väljs av oss. Alla geohashers får lägga till bilder. Lägg bara till ditt bildnamn i listan via "add yours"-länken. Om galleriet inte startats än, kopiera gårdagens format eller läs här. Skriv också en redogörelse, om än kort, om expeditionen så att man kan klicka på bilden och få reda på mer.

If your newly added expedition does not show, click here to refresh the cache

Click here to see an automatic list of all recent expeditions, whether pictures were posted or not.

Recent Expeditions


Add the things you think need to be done, but can't do yourself. Remove the bullet points when you've fixed something.

  • Both the KCKD iPhone app and the Garafa iPhone app seem to no longer work (at least not with iOS 11). I believe there are now no iPhone geohashing apps that work with iOS 11 or later ... but I'll be very happy if anyone can prove me wrong. :-) BrendanTWhite 21:18, 4 April 2018 (ACST)
  • The link on the iphone app page [1] labelled Geohash support is broken
  • Jim removed an apparently invalid expedition and photo from 2009-01-10 Someone should see if the real 2009-01-10 29 -95 is hiding someplace that isn't obvious.
  • Expedition Archive pages (like [2]) show same coordinates for every day (looks like an error)
    Started a discussion here: User_talk:Tjtrumpet2323#usage_of_var:latdate_on_Template:Coordinates.2FRegular.2FlatOnly.3F - a correct use of vardefine:* might fix this if it's not going to break anything else.
  • Does anyone have access to LocalSettings.php to set $wgUseTeX = true; so that formulas can be used? Or is there some other way to enable them that I'm not seeing? Thanks! -ralph
  • Kids' Geohash? If they have a GPS enabled phone they can take part but the grid is too big so divide it into 32, 64 or even 128 (~850m x ~700m) for younger kids. Parental supervision recommended!
  • anything in Category:Needs attention might also be considered a kind of TO DO, especially Award template needed and Ribbon image needed
  • 2011-06-26_49_8 has category Category:Meetup in 49 8 on it, but doesn't appear on that category page. Is something wrong with the graticule Template? (We had a problem with spaces between the colon and the category name at one time.) Jiml 10:22, 27 June 2011 (EDT)
Not sure what you mean, 2011-06-26 49 8 is on the category page and that's the equivalent name with spaces (they are interchangable), am I missing something? - Mampfred 16:48, 27 June 2011 (EDT)
It seems to be showing up on the category page now. Not sure why the problem disappeared. Jiml 22:04, 6 July 2011 (EDT)
  • I need a GEOHASH ALARM. An email to be sent to me every time the selected point is close enough to me (like less than 5 miles, for example).
Your wish is my command. Register an email address at It will send you an email with a password. Log in and enter a Graticle Latitude and a graticule Longitude in the Grat Lat and Grat Lon boxes 33 -84 for Atlanta Georgia. If you want to enter the Global Hash, check the Global box, Then enter a Location Latitude and Longitude in the Location Lat and Location Lon. 33.75 -84.39 for the dead center of Atlanta Georgia. You will need to enter a maximum distance. If you enter 5 miles it will send an email if the days coordinates for the chosen graticule is less than 5 miles away. Click on the "Add" button. It will send you an email from now on every day after the Dow open is released. --NWoodruff (talk) 18:25, 13 November 2014 (EST)
There is now help instructions for the Notify program available here help text
  • Switch the maps on the wiki to OpenStreetMap (perhaps through OpenLayers)? The Google Maps v1 API has sunsetted and now all maps show an ugly warning that make them basically unusable. One could update to v2, but with the same effort why not support such a quality community project (besides doing the [[OpenStreetMap achievement of course :)?


Help to translate important reference pages into your mother tongue.

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see also: The Ambassador help sheets in (de) (en-gb) (en-us) ...

Related Projects

These projects are related to geohashing in as much as they use GPS receivers.

  • Geocaching - Global GPS cache hunt
  • Opencaching - GPS cache hunt wthout the "premium fee"
  • Waymarking - find and photograph interesting points
  • Munzee - find and log QR code stickers or virtual points
  • Geodashing - Monthly points, randomly created
  • Geotude - Numbering the One Degree Graticules
  • Open Street Map - create a free map along the way
  • Dead Drops - Some sort of digital geocaching
  • Bookcrossing links people with free books at locations revealed on the Internet.

Broken link related projects

Other projects

Other projects are related for their surprise social aspect.

Geohashing leagues, guilds, or organizations exist in the following online games: