Bendigo, Australia

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Bendigo, Australia[edit]

Bendigo (graticule -36, 144) is a city in the centre of Victoria, Australia. Bendigo is located about 150Km north of melbourne. Bendigo sits in the South Western corner of it's Graticule.

The Bendigo Graticule extends North to encompass Pyramid Hill in its north west corner, and the paired towns of Echuca/Moama in it's North East. The South East corner covers about half of the Puckapunyal Army Base bear Heathcote.

The Climate in this graticule is much less fickle than that of the Melbourne region to the south.


mykaDragonBlue may hash here occasionally.

Current Expeditions[edit]

Past Expeditions[edit]

Sunday 2010-04-18 -36 144 - nearish lake eppalock - in progress
Sunday 2010-03-07 -36 144 - Success - in the Whipstick State Park. 5 minutes before midnight.
Sunday 2009-05-31 -36 144 - Success - Part 3 of a successful triple hash
Saturday 2009-05-30 -36 144 - Fail - No Trespassing - Part one of a Double hash attempt
Sunday 2009-05-03 -36 144 - Success - Even though it was in a lake
Sunday 2009-03-15 -36 144 - Success
Saturday 2009-03-07 -36 144 - Failure - No Trespassing



mykaDragonBlue earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-36, 144) graticule, here, on 2009-03-15.