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Sun 31 May 2009 in -36,144:
-36.9138364, 144.5325219

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The location[edit]

Just off Colliban Pool Rd Nth, between the Kimbolton Forrest, and Lake Eppalock.

Who Went?[edit]


Day 2 of driving for the weekend. Like Yesterday, my normal day of traveling would take me through some 6 Graticules. 3 Hashes are within reasonable distance of my route. This is the Third.

Start from the First

(report written en-route, and therefore has possibly confused tenses)

To Bendigo then Eppalock[edit]

The trip back to bendigo from Natte Yallock was mostly uneventful. The sun set behind me as I drove, and the trip continued in the dark. The one event of note was noticing a spider wandering around the windows. I first noticed it on the inside of the drivers window, and then it ran across the windscreen. I had to pull over and chase it around the car in the dark before I caught it and was able to take it outside without either of us getting overly upset. It was a smallish huntsman I think.

The hash at eppalock is, I believe, situated a just off the road, on the way out to my dad's place. I had only checked this one briefly, and not when I was making satelite map screenshots, so it was going to be a bit more up to guesswork than the others. On the positive side, I know that road pretty well, so turning on the GPS when I get near should be enough to find the place in the dark.

Since driving out to my dad's is the last part of delivering the trailer, it makes sense to have a go, even if it is in the dark. If I'm lucky, it won't be in a paddock.

I switched on the GPS with a few Km to go, and lo and behold, as I approached the hash, it turned out that this road had been tracked before. It's not exactly a supprise. Both me and my mum (from whom the GPS is on loan) have used this road many times.

The point itself turned out to be less than 100m off the road, and again in a property rather than in the more fun forest on the other side. There is a shed thing visible from the road amongst the trees on this property, and the hash was about 10m off to the side of it. I've seen people relaxing there many times in the past, but noone seemed to be around. possibly Fergus and I walked over to the point, took a Proof photo, and then headed off.

In the dark there was not much point trying to take any more photos with my flashsless camera phone.

I then continued the couple of Kilometer or so to my dads place, dropped off the trailer, and got driven back into Bendigo, where I could pick up my car and head home to Melbourne.

On the Way Home[edit]

nothing in particular happened on the way home, but it was approaching 11pm agin when I arrived home.

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