Bielefeld, Germany

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The Bielefeld graticule is at latitude 52, longitude 8.

Bielefeld does not actually exist. It has been made up by the Bielefeld Conspiracy. The rest of the graticule is fine.

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

58.32% Fields
27.82% Natural reserves
 7.22% Roads
 2.55% Forests
 2.05% Highways
 1.77% Settlements
 0.28% Water

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Enno, who is living in Oslo but has family in the area and may be in the area occasionally.
  • Fippe's family lives close to the 8th longitude, so he might be around from time to time.
  • Hoirkmann lives near Bielefeld and is going to make it an active graticule.
  • Jan lives close to the 8th longitude.

Recent Expeditions[edit]

For all expeditions in this graticule, see Bielefeld, Germany/Expeditions.
Arrow2.png 2019-06-25 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay at the crossing of Krukumer Straße, Elmsbrink and Kottebrink i...
Arrow2.png 2019-06-18 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay at the northern end of the Ludwig-Erhard-Allee in Bielefeld.
Arrow2.png 2019-06-16 - Fippe - located on a meadow in Riede.
Arrow2.png 2019-06-09 - Fippe - located in a forest in Rehden.
Arrow2.png 2019-05-20 - Fippe - located on a field in Hölsen.
Arrow4.png 2019-05-12 - Fippe - located on a meadow in Falkendiek.
Arrow4.png 2019-03-19 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay on the property of a butcher in Lemgo-Kirchheide.
Arrow2.png 2019-03-03 - Jan, Fippe - located on a field in Carum.
Arrow2.png 2018-10-14 - Jan, Fippe - located on a field near Tenstedt.
Arrow2.png 2018-10-10 - Jan - located in a forest near Quakenbrück.
Arrow2.png 2015-10-08 - Fippe - located in a forest near Grönloh.
Arrow2.png 2015-06-12 - Jan, Fippe - located in a field of wheat near Gehrde.
Arrow2.png 2015-04-19 - Jan, Fippe - located on a field near Vechta.
Arrow2.png 2015-04-10 - Jan, Fippe - located on a field near Hausstette.
Arrow2.png 2015-04-07 - Jan, Fippe - located next to the Autobahn 1 on a field near Märschendorf.
Arrow2.png 2013-10-20 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies at the street Burgweg in Lohne (Oldenburg).
Arrow2.png 2013-08-10 - pah, GeorgDerReisende, wendy - On a parking lot behind the "real SB" super market in Bielefeld Sieker.
Arrow2.png 2013-08-01 - LadyBB, Mampfred, a dragalong - Right next to a road not far from Wagenfeld.
Arrow2.png 2013-05-18 - Oliver - In a lake near Twistringen.
Arrow2.png 2013-04-01 - QuarterCacher, Ricki - Somewhere
Arrow2.png 2012-04-09 - Draradech - In a field in Schiplage - St. Annen, Melle.
Arrow2.png 2009-06-27 - Arvid - Tracklog by bicycle We agreed to start at a park that's on both our ways ...
Arrow2.png 2009-02-04 - hoirkmann - Unfortunately it was already dark when I started from my home, but half of ...
Arrow2.png 2008-12-23 - Enno - Reached by Enno and his sister for whom this was her first hash.
Arrow2.png 2008-08-30 - Arvid - Arvid did cycle 80km the day before, and that didn't go so well in the end....