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Almost the entire graticule is located in Switzerland but there are also very small parts in France and Italy.

Cities in this graticule include the swiss capital Bern, Fribourg, Thun and Zermatt.

Although there are no significant areas of water, visiting a geohash in this graticule will be a challenge worth at least a MNIMB achievement on most days, as much of the area is steep mountain terrain of the Swiss Alps.

Active users[edit]


For all expeditions in this graticule, see Bern, Switzerland/Expeditions.

2008-11-26 Danderoodt visited a snow-covered field and probably reached the coordinates.

2009-06-26 Danderoodt went once more, but once again did not really report the expedition.

2009-11-29 One year Five months and 3 days after the last recorded expedition, pi and Crox took on a slope and won.

2010-04-25 Slow-Up geohash by Crox and Tingting

2010-08-05 Rainy geohash by Crox

2010-11-21 Bicycle geohash by TheOneRing


2011-01-01 Alpine geohash by Crox and Elisa

2011-01-04 Ski geohash attempt by Crox


2011-04-18 Train and skateboard geohash by Nohled




2011-08-06 7 geohashers left a big marker for TheOneRing and Crox

2015-11-12: Brocorb visited the geohash with his brother, introducing him into Geohashing.