2010-08-05 46 7

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Thu 5 Aug 2010 in 46,7:
46.9250295, 7.3018619

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Near Mädersforst, Mühleberg, BE, Switzerland




Took the train to Rosshäusern after work. I then proceeded to walk to the hash. From the aerial view I had hoped there would be a more direct way than the official roads (about 2.5 km) but the terrain did not allow it. As you can guess from the pictures it was raining for the first part of the expedition... The hash was reached around 19:30. I took some pictures, left a marker and took the train to get home. It was a good chance to get some fresh air and revive the graticule!

For this expedition I relied entirely on my phone - I did not have my Garmin GPS with me and I don't own a decent map of the area yet. Tomorrow I'm definitely going to place an order at Swisstopo...


Coordinates reached! 
the hash 
the hash 
Crox at the hash 
marker left 
on the way back 
I left a geohashing card near the train station 
Rosshäusern - Mädersforst BLS train station