Des Moines, Iowa

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Today's Location: [Des Moines, IA]

The Des Moines, Iowa graticule is at latitude 41, longitude -93. This graticule includes the capital city and all its suburbs, as well as a large rural area.


[edit] Notable Dates

[edit] Daily Locations

2008-05-24: 41.126648°, -93.547534° Coordinates located south of Liberty Center, IA (1 visit.)

2008-05-26: 41.673128°, -93.607309° Coordinates located within Margo Frankel Woods State Park (2 visits.)

2008-06-06: 41.759663°, -93.825383° Coordinates located in Granger, IA. (1 visit.)

2012-03-25: 41.572390°, -93.837744° Coordinates on or near Wendover Ln, west of Des Moines (1 visit.)

2013-06-10: 41.490045°, -93.805616° Coordinates located SW of Des Moines (1 attempt.)

2013-10-18: 41.457289°, -93.781464° Coordinates located near Badger Creek (1 visit.)

2013-11-23: 41.358312°, -93.810329° Coordinates located just outside Bevington (1 attempt.)

2013-11-30: 41.849188°, -93.576765° Coordinates located off I-35 S of Huxley (1 visit?)

2014-03-29: 41.863071°, -93.337597° Coordinates located SW of Collins (1 visit.)

2014-04-19: 41.612573°, -93.713917° Coordinates on a driveway in the western suburbs of Des Moines (1 visit.)

2014-11-02: 41.902271°, -93.591722° Coordinates just E of Huxley (1 visit.)

2015-02-28: 41.533038°, -93.768167° Coordinates off I-35, just S of the Raccoon River (1 attempt)

2015-03-11: 41.587908°, -93.595561° Coordinates in Des Moines. (1 visit.)

[edit] Statistics

Starting May 21st:

Total Locations Reached - 3 (all on land)
Total Persons to Have Arrived - 3

[edit] Records

Consecutive Arrivals - 1
Consecutive Saturdays - 1
Most People - 2
Geohasher with most arrivals - vonahsen (2), Stretch (2)

vonahsen earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (41, -93) graticule, here, on 2008-05-24.

[edit] Local Geohashers

  • Stretch is sad to see this graticule has become inactive.
  • testicle hammer may attend if location is in the northern half of the graticule.
  • Killamanjaro wishes the 5/31 geohash were a little bit closer to DSM.
  • vonahsen
  • Bobshoe Will be going on a geohash in the next month or so. I may get down on an Adair one if it is really close to me, but Des Moines is my bread and butter.
  • Project Mayhem is new to Geohashing and ready to start.
  • CrimsonSmell is new to Geohashing and also ready to start. 06/14/12
  • PriNT made an account (8/31/2011) and is looking to get to a geohash.
  • Trenchcoat is ready to go!