2008-05-26 41 -93

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Mon 26 May 2008 in 41,-93:
41.6731281, -93.6073080

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In a park near Ankeny, IA.






Stretch and Killamanjaro[edit]

This was the first geohashing experience for Stretch and Killamanjaro. They made a first attempt to reach the hash through a shortcut in a residential area, but after an awkward meeting with the locals who owned the fences they were attempting to climb, they were forced to go to the park entrance, far west of our destination.

They forged through a wooded area, over a creek, and emerged in a field beneath some high-voltage power lines. They did some quick mental math, converting minutes and seconds into minutes with decimals for their ancient GPS. After a little more walking and some altercations with thorn bushes and what might have been poison ivy, they arrived at the location and took pictures (around 1645 hours).

They explored the area, ate some ELFudge, and periodically shouted "XKCD! Geohashing!", attempting to meet other geohashers, but these attempts were in vain.

At long last, they hiked back to their vehicle, slightly sunburned and possibly carrying a rash.


vonahsen was there between 1550 and 1615, just missed you guys. I came from the north, through the edge of the golf course. That cart path went north all the way to the road, thanks Google maps! Some old dude came in as I was going out, probably seeing what I was up to