Fort Worth, Texas

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The Fort Worth, Texas graticule is located around latitude 32, longitude -97.


[edit] Notable Dates

2008-05-21: Comic posted on

[edit] Geohashers

Jason Koller
Derek Snow

[edit] Geohashes

2014-04-12 32 -97: In a field in Haslet about a mile west of Interstate 35.

2013-08-09 32 -97: Failed expedition to a cow pasture

2013-08-07 32 -97: Drive by drag along on highway 635

2013-08-02 32 -97: Failed expedition to see some old ranch buildings.

2013-07-31 32 -97: Jason Koller's first GeoHash.

2012-05-12 32 -97: Field in a subdivision in Haslet, within a quarter mile of Highway 81

2012-03-10 32 -97: In a field just outside Rio Vista.

2010-04-08 32 -97: Empty field in an industrial area on Arkansas Lane, east of 360 in Arlington

2010-04-07 32 -97: Private home in Pantego

2010-04-06 32 -97: Private home in South Arlington on Lazy Bayou Drive

2009-08-15 32 -98: Field in Everman at corner of Forest Hill Everman Rd and Oak Grove Road East

2009-08-01 32 -97: Facility vehicle parking lot, Pennington Field

2008-11-01 32 -97: Along the eastern edge of a smallish lake north of Great Wolf Lodge.

[edit] Possible Meetups

Is anyone else interested on planning a meetup or is that something that you do actually do every week?

Ranidan is interested, just send a DM on Twitter.

[edit] Achievements

Alchemist0405 earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (32, -97) graticule, here, on 2008-11-01.