Midland, Texas

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The Midland, Texas graticule is located at 32,-102 in the Permian Basin in the West Texas Plains. The Permian Basin is a large oil and gas producing area, with the City of Midland being the corporate and financial headquarters for the majority of the the oil booms and busts in the 20th century. The southern edge of the graticule runs directly through the city of Midland, separating it graticularly from it's sister city, Odessa.

Odessa and Midland serve as the tableau for Friday Night Lights, a well known non-fictional account of a highly successful high school football program at Odessa's Permian High School. Midland High and Midland Lee High School are major rivals of Permian, and figure prominently in the account. The book, later turned into a movie and fictionalized TV series, portrays not only the fervor of local football fans, but also the racial and cultural factors in the local region and the impact of high-profile football and collegiate recruiting on it's teenage participants.

Notable Dates[edit]

2011-02-23 32 -102 Houston resident Phineas reached a hashpoint in the city of Midland while visiting on a business trip. Cursory research shows that this is the furthest westward point yet reached in Texas. An expedition by Redassag02 in the Vega, TX graticule was achieved on 2010-03-12 35 -102, but appears to be slightly further east. A globalhash was noted for El Paso, TX on 2009-08-18, but not claimed to have been reached. Also, it is possible that that global has was in Mexico, not Texas.

Phineas earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (32, -102) graticule, here, on 2011-02-23.