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About Me[edit]

I am an information technology strategy consultant and semi-professional food writer and cooking instructor who lives northeast of Houston, Texas. I've had a lifelong love of maps, aimless travel and determining my geographic location in a airliner without aid of any navigation devices or other supporting information. I own a sextant, know how to use it, and have.

Upon learning of the origin, purpose and philosphy of geohasing, I immediately became a devotee; then planned and undertook my first expedition within hours. Based on my understanding of geohasing rules, I failed. By about 30-40 feet. And a few snakes. Well, one snake. But I'm hooked.

Recent Expeditions[edit]

2011-02-23 32 -102 Midland, Texas Virgin Graticule for the Midland graticule. A search of the graticules in west Texas shows that this expedition is the furthest point west ever achieved in Texas.

2010-10-26 43 -88 Brookfield, Wisconsin - industrial lot near I-45

2010-10-24 29 -93 Creole, La, Virgin Graticule accomplishment for the Port Arthur graticule, which is 90% water and marshland.

2010-10-12 29 -95 Houston Midtown / Heights neighborhood

2010-09-12 30 -95 is on a golf course in Conroe, but I'll be playing golf elsewhere that day. A golf course geohash is one of my new highest priorities - but my regular Sunday golf group is an even higher priority. Someday.

2010-09-11 29 -95 Bammell North Houston Road, in the Houston TX city limits

2010-09-09 30 -94 Several steps away from US 90 near Devers, Texas