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Tue 28 Aug 2018 in 63,28:
63.7588193, 28.7453787

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Valtimo, Halmejärvi. The point lies in the middle of a swampy area.



Early in the morning.

Early in the morning when mist was still covering the scenery, Pastori set out to reach his birthday hashpoint in a happy mood. Wife had spend the previous night looking at maps to determine the best route. Distance to the point was roughly 5 km but driving there it increased to 10 km. So far so good. When they managed to find a well traversed path in the woods towards the point the next 1 km on foot was easy too. Pastori spend the time picking the first mushrooms of the season. But there's always a but. For the last 100 m they had to head straight into the swamp. At first the ground was covered in soft moss but then they ran into the first ditch, which proved to be a challenge. 1 m wide and 1 m deep. At least Wife would not be able to get over it so they had to look for another route. Going around and through smaller ditches and rough terrain and young trees Pastori finally reached the point with a 3.264 m accuracy and this brought smiles to Pastori's and Wife's faces. And, as is often the case, they managed to find an easier route back. Pastori also managed to fill his basket with mushrooms.

The morning mist had dissipated into the sky and the sun was shining brightly. At home Wife prepared a birthday lunch for Pastori out on their barbecue site. They filled crepes with grilled vegetables, mushrooms, chicken, onions and for dessert some more crepes with strawberry jam.

So far so good.
Through struggles to the point.



Last man standing count: 12

Pastori earned the Last man standing achievement
by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2018-08-28.
2018-08-28 63 28DSC 0023 1500px.jpg
Pastori earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (63, 28) geohash on his birthday, 2018-08-28.
2018-08-28 63 2820180828 114914 1500px.jpg
Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (63, 28) geohash on 2018-08-28.
2018-08-28 63 28DSC 0023 1500px.jpg