2017-08-25 41 -77

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Fri 25 Aug 2017 in 41,-77:
41.9966835, -77.8785543

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On the edge of N Genesee St, very close to the NY State Border in the NW corner of the Graticule.



I went back and forth on this expedition for a long time and throughout the day: It was so far away, but it was Friday. I would be tired, but this is accessible and will complete my Minesweeper ribbon. Might not be motivated enough, but if I complete it now, I won't have to worry about it any longer. And then Especially at the end of my work day, I ended up having to stay late to help finish up a big report that was due and I was now worried about running out of daylight. It's going to be close to a 2 hour drive and now I have to deal with worse rush hour traffic than I would normally. But being Friday, the traffic was somewhat lighter and I was able to get home only slightly later than normal.

With the 'Pros' outweighing the 'Cons' I wrote down directions, fed the dogs and jumped in the car. The drive down to Pennsylvania wasn't bad although I did get stuck behind a few people that were driving a little slow. Despite that, I made it to Wellsville without too much delay and knew I was getting close. I didn't really look to see exactly how far into PA the hash was, but I did examine the street-view and I'm glad I did. Almost immediately after passing the Welcome to PA sign, I recognized the view and realized the hash was RIGHT THERE. I had enough time that I could slow down and park off the road next to the guard rail a short distance away. It was 19:30 and I had about a half hour before the sun set; plenty of time to spare.

Walking back to the hillside, I easily closed in on the hash and didn't even have to do much of a GPS dance(not that I could have since the hill was extremely steep) to locate the position. Pictures taken, my Buffalo Minesweeper is complete! It only took 3 years, haha.

The drive back was dusk to dark and I had to be careful. I saw a lot of deer out in the fields, including some very young ones. Fortunately, I didn't see any near the roads and made it back safely.

I haven't done one of these in a while so I'm issuing a Tale of Two Hashes Challenge for Genesee since this was on Genesee St and in the Town of Genesee.



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