2016-07-02 42 -76

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Sat 2 Jul 2016 in 42,-76:
42.8704471, -76.9248640

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On Marshall Rd by the Northern end of Seneca Lake



I will be camping with friends at Taughannock State Park toward the Southern end of Cayuga Lake over the holiday weekend. Being not too far away, and on the shoulder of the road, I'll happily pick up a new New York State Graticule. Due to unplanned activities, I'm not sure when I'll be able to break away and head to the hash, but it may be in the morning. It doesn't look like anyone near this graticule is active so I'm not too worried about it, but if someone is interested in meeting up, I should be able to make something work.

New plans, I didn't end up driving out Friday night like I originally planned. Since I'll be driving out on Sat morning, I'll stop at the hash on the way, probably around 10am or so. It's nearly on the way too so it'll be at most a 10 minute detour.


When getting the directions for this hash, I saw that it was about 97 miles away and having to stick to the roads, I would be traveling over 100 miles to the hash. Being Saturday, I should also get the full XKCD-100 ribbon*. Getting in the car, I noticed the trip odometer read just under 15 miles (I think it read 14.8 miles since I had filled up the gas tank).

Driving to Taughannock State Park, I would have to detour a grand total of 2 blocks and small blocks at that for country blocks. The hash being in the road, I'm going to take an Easy Geohash for this.

The drive out was uneventful and finding the hash-road was a piece of ...Pi(e)? I parked, but before getting to the hash, I got the dogs out. I walked them along the side of the road so they could stretch out and take care of their business. Across the street were 3 hash-dogs making sure we stayed on our side of the road. The German Shepards were called back to the house before I got the camera-phone ready so no pictures of them.

I thought the hash was closer to the shoulder of the road but the GPS lead me out to the middle. Making sure there were no cars coming I tried to get my pictures but didn't realize the flash was set and wondered why it was taking so long from me hitting the button to having the picture actually taken. The proof is mostly legible but the GPS was caught changing from 4 feet to go. A new graticule having successfully been added to my list, we continued on our way to a fun but tiring weekend of camping.

*Please discuss the validity of the XKCD-100 ribbon. I did travel about 122.4 miles and it was Saturday, but it was not at the official time. However, the Ithaca Graticule has been inactive since 2012 with that expedition being done by the Rochester Geohashers.



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