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All locations: .0365641, .6168378
Globalhash: -83.418467091428, 42.06159526972 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

La Habana, Cuba pah, nb In a thorny field close to the "beach" near Caimito.
San Bernardino, California AeroIllini A warehouse south of LA/Ontario airport.
Roswell, Georgia NWoodruff In the middle of a subdivision street in Kennesaw.
Danbury, Connecticut OtherJack Inside a synagogue in Greenwich, Connecticut
Lockport, New York Someone went Edge of a field off Martin Rd in Clarence Center
Big Rapids, Michigan Mcbaneg, susanne, rebekah, katja Parking lot of Silverberry Kitchen, Northview, MI
Portland, Oregon Jim Down near Salem
Kempten, Germany B2c, izzy B2c picked up Izzy at his workplace at around 11am as he had an extended fi...
Wien, Austria Crankl, Micsnare tba *Will try tomorrow. -- Micsnare (talk) [1] 19:28, 20 May 2016 (GMT+02:0...
Strasbourg, France Someone went Oh no, closer inspection of maps indicated the hash is probably fenced off....
Mannheim, Germany DLichti, a friend, DODO, a sister In the forest near Walzbachtal
Frankfurt am Main, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lies about five meters away from the Hundertmorgenschneise in Neu-...
Dresden, Germany Danatar in a meadow next to the Autobahn A17, at the Dresden city limit. Country: ...
Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer, ChromeCrusaders, Tongs/B In a field 99 metres from a public footpath south of Belchamp St. Paul, Ess...

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