2015-12-11 50 7

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Fri 11 Dec 2015 in Bonn:
50.8650306, 7.0069382

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Though the 50 7 graticule is named Bonn, the actual geohash of Bonn was located in Cologne (mostly covered by 50 6). The coordinates pointed to a small street, about 20 km south of the famous Cologne cathedral ("Kölner Dom") on the left bank of the river Rhine, in the southern outskirts of the city, in Köln-Sürth.




I had no geohashing plans because I learned about the location only at noon during a work break. Actually it was planned to visit a christmas market with a colleague after work to shoot some photos.


I would have liked to tell a story of great adventure, a load of obstacles and, at last, a spooky location. Alas, my first geohash was so much unspectacular that I could describe it as "I went there, took a photo, and went back". But this is not what we are here for, aren't we?

So the story is this: as planned, I visited the christmas market at dusk. The half-light was just right to capture the mood on some photos. I took the opportunity to do some of the inner city view as well for I was standing near the old harbor. The temperature was about 10C. After an hour of taking pictures in light rain we went to the bus station. My colleague drove home while my geohashing began. For I had not much time this evening, I changed to the Tram station and took the line 16 to Sürth Bahnhof.

Now to the exciting part. I walked 180 m east to the junction Bahnhofstrasse / Im Faldergarten. End of exciting part. I had arrived.

The location itself was just on the left side the street. The present traffic sign #325 or the tree could have marked the exact spot but my new-installed Geohash Droid only had 6 m accuracy there so the local residents may have seen me running around to follow the "jumping" spot of the geohash. Then I took some pictures as proof, and that was all.

As a conclusion, it was not adventurous at all, but I had had an easy start which let me wait for more spectacular coordinates. Besides, with this expedition I am reactivating the graticule which had no successful expeditions in the last six months!



Burgman earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 7) geohash on 2015-12-11.