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Thu 12 Nov 2015 in Cambridge, UK:
52.6691404, 0.8565536

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A road hashpoint south of the A47 near Wendling, Norfolk, UK.




Neither knew the other was planning it.


Expedition one of two spanning midnight - 2015-11-12 52 0 - 2015-11-13 52 1 - ETA 23:15.


MagicIan 17:55[edit]

This was a partly-opportunistic, partly-lazy GeoHash for MagicIan as he was due to be driving along the A47 anyway, so it was just a case of taking a 5 minute diversion to reach the hashpoint. MagicIan got out of the car to get as close as possible to the coordinates using the droid app and to take photos, then turned the car around and went back through the hashpoint at 60mph to gain the Speed Racer achievement.

Sourcerer 23:08[edit]

Easy - no need to get out of the car! Even lazier than MagicIan!

Photos MagicIan[edit]

Photos Sourcerer[edit]


MagicIan earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (52, 1) geohash on 2015-11-12 at 60 mph.

Expeditions and Plans

Colac, Australia Benjamin Kaiser Behind a holiday house in Kennett River (between Lorne and Apollo Bay)
Bern, Switzerland Brocorb A field near Wilderswil, close to the brewery Rugenbräu.
Zürich, Switzerland Someone went Hillside forest by Stein am Rhein, Switzerland
Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer, MagicIan A road hashpoint south of the A47 near Wendling, Norfolk, UK.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

2015-11-11 52 1 - 2015-11-12 52 0 - 2015-11-13 52 1 - KML file download of Sourcerer's expeditions for use with Google Earth.