2015-07-11 -36 174

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Sat 11 Jul 2015 in -36,174:
-36.7579840, 174.7341191

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Between the southbound lanes of the Northern Motorway, just south of the Rosedale on-ramp, Auckland

Jacksonz earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (-36, 174) geohash on 2015-07-11 at 100 kmph.
Geohash 20150711 GPS.jpg



Noticed that today's Geohash was between lanes on the Northern Motorway. Hatched a plan to take my son out for driving practise for his restricted driving test next week.


Took my son for driving practice around the Browns Bay area (using a MapMyRun route plot of an actual test). Did GeoCache GC4Q1A5 [Mark #4 Revised] and then returned to the Rosedale on-ramp. Swapped driver position with him, and headed on to the Motorway at Rosedale, heading south. There were too many cars, so was unable to change lanes over the Geohash point. Went off at Constellation drive, and went around for another crack at it.

This time there was less traffic so managed to cross the Geohash point at speed. Crossed it at 16:34 as shown in the photo below (speed had already been abruptly reduced as there was slower traffic ahead).