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Mon 11 May 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.6821113, 1.7184362

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Haaa ha ha ha! Haaa ha ha ha! Underpants! This off-shore point was reachable at low tide at 09:13 local summer time but it required wading into the sea at Scratby, Norfolk, UK.




Two couples walking their dogs witnessed the crazy fat man's antics. He was wobbling north along the beach at speed looking as if he was going to miss a train. Suddenly he turned right and at the water's edge he cursed. He retreated a few steps and started stripping off. In kecks and tee shirt he waded out to sea with tech toys in each hand where he staggered left, right, deeper and more shallow. After a minute or two he came ashore, dressed and strolled slowly and calmly away with a big grin, ear to ear.

Why the rush? Low tide was 50 minutes earlier and this would not have been possible at mid or high tide.

There was one curiosity. A small dog was walking calmly along the beach heading north. When it came level with the hashpoint, it went crazy, attacking the shallows and barking at the Google pin, visible only to dogs. I had left the water some time ago so it could not have been me. A trained hash-dog that finds the hashpoint would be a novelty!

2015-05-11 52 1 Sourcerer.jpg

This success was particularly pleasing because several recent failures have looked quite similar on the maps. Google showed the point in the sea. The UK Ordnance Survey map showed the point exactly on the average low water mark. OpenStreetMap showed the point just on land. It's always worth having a look. Sometimes an unlikely point might be reachable after all.


These photos were uploaded from the beach 16 or 17 metres from the actual hashpoint which was in the sea.


Sourcerer earned the Geoflashing Achievement Honorable Mention (underpants)
by stripping off at the (52, 1) geohash on 2015-05-11 to wade out to the hashpoint.

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