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Thu 4 Sep 2014 in Dresden:
51.2273697, 13.9763615

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Today's location is in a meadow near Oberlichtenau, a part of Pulsnitz.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Bautzen; municipality: Pulsnitz.



As it was my birthday I somehow had to get to a hashpoint, but the coordinates for the day were in that just-a-bit-too-far distance for cycling after work. I didn't want to take the car, so I planned a train + bike route. With dusk around 8 p.m. the expedition depended on an early start. The day went very well. There were only very few emergencies and after completing everything I was able to leave 45 minutes early, at 17:45. A very nice change from the usual overtime. I cycled to the Neustadt train station as fast as I could because I wanted to catch the 18:07 train. A large part of the route followed the streetcar line and I was directly behind a streetcar train, so I had to wait at every stop's red traffic light. But I made it to the train station in time to buy tickets and carry my bike to the platform. Then I took the train to Pulsnitz. From there I first had to follow a road to Oberlichtenau via Friedersdorf. A part of that road was cobbled and shook me quite a bit but I made good progress. At Oberlichtenau I took a turn onto a field track and followed that one, getting near the hashpoint soon after. It was in a meadow and I could reach it easily. My plan was to celebrate with a small cake but when I set out hastily I forgot to get it from the emergency room's fridge. The bike rides and the GPS dance were interupted multiple times by phone calls from friends and family. There were so many of them that I feared I might miss the return train. No need to worry, I made it back to the train station with enough time to spare. The ride back to Dresden was uneventful with the exception of a very rude ticket inspector. In Dresden I didn't go back home, instead I went to a beer garden to meet some colleagues.

Danatar earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (51, 13) geohash on his 33rd birthday, 2014-09-04.
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Dresden-Neustadt train station  
almost there  
Coordinates reached!  
Pulsnitz creek  
cake (next day)  


triton tracklog


My geohashiversary was on 2014-09-07. I didn't go to the hashpoint because it would have been a boring field and I would have needed to take the car. In the past year, my sixth year of geohashing, I:

  • visited another 33 hashpoints (out of 41 tries), 7 new graticules, 1 new country
  • met 1 new geohasher
  • cycled 170.5 km, walked 89.9 km, used public transport for 721.8 km and motorized vehicles for 447.8 km
  • spent another 127 Euros while geohashing