2014-08-02 51 10

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Sat 2 Aug 2014 in Goslar:
51.9228439, 10.4103215

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Today's location is next to an intersection of the federal road B6 near Goslar.

Country: Germany; state: Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony, EU:DE:NI); district: Goslar

Weather: sunny, ~26°C in the not-availabe shade



This is part two of a Triple Hash:

After the 52 9 hashpoint I was back on the Autobahn A7. Today I wasn't blocked by a traffic jam, but the northbound lanes were. At Hannover I stayed on the A7 until I was past Hildesheim, then I took the same exit I had entered the A7 the day before, getting on the federal road B6 in the process. I stayed on the B6 until I reached Goslar. I almost drove past without realizing, but I could stop on a small piece of tarmac one field north of the spot. That field had already been harvested so I walked on the stubble field instead along the dangerous road, eating my sandwich. Near the spot I had to cross a little ditch and climb a small incline, then I was at the hashpoint. It was on a mowed piece of grass with some trees. Ignoring the cars that passed me by and stopped at the traffic lights next to me I took pictures. I didn't even look at the time, but while preparing the pictures for the wiki I noticed that I reached the spot a 4 p.m., so it was an oblivious Saturday meetup! Then I went back to the car. When I came nearer I could see a person on a motorbike waiting next to my car. I thought it might be a policeman inquiring why the car was parked there but when I reached the car I realized that it was just a random person waiting for something. Then I drove along the B6 towards the next hashpoint.

walking on the field instead of along the road  
GPS, it's even 4 p.m.!  
coordinates reached #2  


triton tracklog for 51 10 and 51 11