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Thu 3 Apr 2014 in 51,12:
51.6314503, 12.0418252

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The hash is on a field near Mösthinsdorf and the railway line between Magdeburg and Halle.




Take the bike and enjoy the weather and on the way back take a detour to the Petersberg.


I got up pretty late today and realized I forgott to check for the coordinates yesterday. So I did and realized that they were within a nice distance for a bike ride. So at about noon I started and rode there pretty strait.

Nothing spectacular happened besides that I learned a more optimal way tot he place than I used to take on previous occasions (bike rides to Magdeburg). Ones on the field it took me a little to find the coordinates. I didn't spend much time looking at googlemaps to get an idea about the distances from the road so my rough idea I had was off by 50 meters.

Took some pictures from the coordinates. Tried to get better pictures of the coordinates till my phone broke down (I really need to get a better battery) and rode to the Petersberg. I had a short lunchbreak and than rode back home. Short and nice workout.