2014-04-19 49 8

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Sat 19 Apr 2014 in Mannheim:
49.6125737, 8.7139176

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Today's location is in a meadow at Bonsweiher, which is a part of Mörlenbach. The meadow is fenced and probably a pasture.

Country: Germany; state: Hessen (Hesse, EU:DE:HE); administrative region: Darmstadt; district: Bergstraße

Weather: Sunny and warm



Since I had the time and the weather was nice, I decided to visit this spot for 4 p.m. and take a walk in the countryside. I started at 14:30 by train and went to Weinheim, where I changed into the "Weschnitztalbahn" (Weschnitz valley railroad line). I got off at Mörlenbach and started walking along one of the main roads towards Bonsweiher. There was a sidewalk the whole way, even between the settlements. I enjoyed the sunshine and the green scenery. In Bonsweiher I easily found the hashmeadow, arriving there at 15:40, but the problem was easy to see: It was fenced, probably as a pasture for horses, and the gate was closed. The orchard next to it wasn't closed, so I walked along the fence, but I couldn't get closer than 22 meters. I walked around until 4 p.m., watching and petting the horses that were on various other pastures, but nobody came to the meetup. At least I'm pretty sure that the old man with the electric wheelchair wasn't a geohasher, since I didn't see neither a GPS unit nor a map on him. At 4 p.m. I started on my way back to the Mörlenbach train station, where I arrived with ample time until the next train. Again I had to change trains at Weinheim, so that I could arrive at home after a journey of three hours.

Danatar earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (22 m) reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2014-04-19.
2014-04-19 49 8 fence.jpg


triton tracklog The batteries died near the hashpoint. I thought it was after I reached the nearest spot on the fence, but that part is missing from the tracklog, too.