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All locations: .6125737, .7139176
Globalhash: 20.263271588897, 77.010338543011 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Des Moines, Iowa Trenchcoat Today's was easy. -- Trenchcoat (talk) @41.6126,-93.7141 12:53, 19 April 2...
Portland, Oregon Jim, Michael5000 The Smith and Bybee Lakes natural area in North Portland.
Mannheim, Germany Danatar in a meadow at Bonsweiher, which is a part of Mörlenbach. The meadow is fen...
Schweinfurt, Germany Reinhard, GeorgDerReisende, Manu The hash lies in Suhl, near Ilmenauer Straße and Am Himmelreich
Moscow, Russia vb Not far from Domodedovskaya metro station.

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