2014-03-07 50 8

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Fri 7 Mar 2014 in 50,8:
50.1083237, 8.6936191

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Not only in Frankfurt am Main but actually in the river Main.



We won't get there anyway but if the weather is right and we feel like it we might as well have a look at it.


EmmJay and LadyBB met Mampfred at Frankfurt Konstabler Wache as he was working in FFM anyway. They took a tram for the remaining distance and ended up only a short walk from the river. They climbed down the stairs and as predicted there where about 30 meters missing. They snapped a couple of photos and went for a coffee before taking the S-Bahn back home (no EmmJay, it's not an ICE!).

Message through hash droid on the way: