2014-02-02 34 -118

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2014-02-02 34 -118 10-40-59-178.jpg

Sun 2 Feb 2014 in 34,-118:
34.7766962, -118.0479506

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In the Mojave Desert, northeast of Lancaster. Los Angeles graticule.



I will drive by and let a couple of puppies stretch their legs out on the way to visit a friend in Tehachapi. Maybe there will be fauna to play with. I currently plan to be at the hashpoint at 10:00am on Sunday. Bravissimo594 (talk) 18:41, 1 February 2014 (EST)



I left the San Gabriel Valley at about 8:30am local time, with a stop in La Cañada to get a flowering plant to pass along to the patient in Tehachapi. The two puppies on board, knowing we were in the desert as soon as we passed northeast of the San Andreas Fault, started to sniff the air vents. I decided to fuel up at the Costco in Lancaster even though I knew it would keep me from making my proposed 10:00am meetup on time.

With a full tank, I left Lancaster at about 10:00am and continued north on State Route 14, exited at Avenue F, and then alternated between eastbound and northbound streets. The almost-sad moment came when driving eastward along East Avenue E: knowing that I would have to drive almost one more mile north, I noticed that the land just north of Avenue E was blocked off by a barbed wire fence and signs reading "US Air Force Installation." Not wanting to incur wrath of Edward's Air Force Base's military police, there was no way I would cross through that fence for a meetup. Fortunately, at about 40th Street East, the fence turned north ... as I also did at the unpaved 45th Street East. I got as far north as the unpaved Avenue D (which was north enough for the hash point) before the barbed wire turned east. Just a few hundred meters east from there, I stopped the car and headed south to the hash point, reaching it successfully.

The ground was too hard and uneven for me to let the dogs run too much there, so after reaching the hash point, we went to another spot with softer ground. They got to play with one friendly jack (who will be available to play again another day), and we then continued north to visit the patient. After an hour or so visiting, we returned to the San Gabriel Valley just in time to see how badly the Seahawks were beating up on the Broncos.