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Tue 14 Jan 2014 in 47,8:
47.3723775, 8.3905535

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A field near Rudolfstetten.




This would have been a great distance for a comfortable bicycle hash, but it looks like it's raining.

  1. S3 train to Dietikon leaving Zurich 4[12] at 12.30
  2. S17 train from rail 11 to Rudolfstetten, arriving 1.56
  3. Walk, arrive at about 1.05pm.

Update: Everything put back about two hours. Currently being the unvoluntary host to an invasion. --Calamus 07:32, 14 January 2014 (EST)


After a spectacular escape from a bunch of crazy local journalists with a priority disorder, which is beyond the scope of this report, Calamus left Zurich by train. It had been the right decision not to go to the hashpoint by bicycle, even though the rain wasn't as heavy as he had expected.

He easily reached Dietikon, from where a dedicated train headed in the direction of Rudolfstetten. It was probably the shortest one Calamus had ever seen, but, much to his surprise, also one of the most comfortable ones – he double-checked if he hadn't entered the First Class by mistake.

Rudolfstetten was pretty much what he had expected: A formerly rural Argovian village, which had lost its innocence to industrialism and was now quite ugly – but maybe the rain had its part in that. When Calamus walked along the fields and meadows, one of which he knew to contain the hashpoint, he started to worry. Almost all fields here were fenced. This was quite uncommon, and while not technically forbidding anyone to enter the field (which would block a basic right and therefore be illegal), it was a clear sign that this was not wanted (therefore trespassing would violate common courtesy). But none of this applied, since the meadow on which the hashpoint resided turned out to lack a fence.

However, it was between a shooting range and its targets. But since this wasn't a good time of day for shooting practice, there was no risk in getting the hashpoint. The rain was nice enough to stop for a moment so Calamus couldn't get a Drowned Rat achievement.

Back at the station, Calamus had just missed the train back to Dietikon. So he waited. Back in Dietikon, Calamus had just missed the train back to Zurich. So he waited. Like every commune in the canton, Dietikon was going to elect its councils soon, so everything was filled with pretty-please-vote-for-me posters. He even saw one of a friend of his, who, after years and years in the Dietikon communal council apparently wanted to switch into the Dietikon town council. Well, his funeral.

Eventually, the train arrived and Calamus returned to Zurich.


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Calamus earned the Last man standing achievement
by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2014-01-14.