2014-01-12 53 -2

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Sun 12 Jan 2014 in 53,-2:
53.5469398, -2.7559078

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In a little cluster of trees at the end of Ennerdale, in Skelmersdale.


  • Angel should be able to make it with very little problem. Less than a mile from mum's house.


I'll be heading down there whenever I wake up. Depending on time and weather, might take the scenic route via Harts Lane and Carr Lane, and taking a photo of the location from Ashurst Beacon. Planned achievements: Drag-along, Tron.


Well, it took less than a minute to walk there. I walked right up to the wall, but my GPS said I was 41 feet away; my marker didn't move from the pavement at the side of the road. So ... I don't know how close I was, but I'm pretty sure it was less than half of the 41 feet that Geohashdroid estimated.

Then as I was uploading my photo, it flashed up with the message saying I'm there within the limits of GPS accuracy. By then I was half way across the road, though, more like 200 feet away. So ... it said I was there when I wasn't, but when I was there (or as close as I could get, given that the hash appears to be right at the edge of a house), it said I was further away. Can I count that?

On the way back, I went the long way around. Headed to the Concourse in the hope of buying razor blades, but I failed on that mission. Arrived ten minutes after they closed. On the other hand, that did mean I took a rather indirect route, so if the hash counts, I've walked a complete loop without crossing or retracing my steps (even when that meant taking a detour because the path between the top and bottom of a bridge was on the wrong side).


Should be available on the Endomondo website if I remembered correctly how to post a link on here. (That's one bit of wiki markup I always seem to mess up)