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Globalhash on Sun 29 Dec 2013:
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Sun 29 Dec 2013 in 49,-123:
49.7846778, -123.1664268

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Sun 29 Dec 2013 in 50,-121:
50.7846778, -121.1664268

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Just North-East of Barriere, BC. Canada



Wijnland This just has to be done! I have time and can drive my van up either this afternoon for a camp out, or tomorrow early for a day trip. In the middle of this break, we should be able to get a nice crew together


The short report[edit]

(more later) I made it, got a no trespass in squamish (vancouver grat) and success in Grande Cache.

I left much too late and only arrived to the globalhash around 8PM when it was completely dark and the road conditions were not great. But hurrah a globalhash!

Went on to Prince George for a visit with some friends I was not planning to go see. Will post the full report and pics when back in my home graticule.

There were 3 hashpoints attempted on this single expedition:

The Full Report[edit]

I`ll make this a report of all three geohashes attempted this day. I had lined up two normal hashes Vancouver, British Columbia and Cache Creek, British Columbia on my way to the Globalhash in Barrière, British Columbia.

First hashpoint[edit]

The First location was not successful because of fences and no trespassing signs. I tried to approach from two sides, but the location was situation behind the airport and a reserve and under powerlines.

Second Hashpoint[edit]

The second hash was a just of Hwy 1 between Cache Creek and Kamloops. I stopped on the side of the road in a little pull out and walked through the thinly snow covered fields to the point, snapped some pictures and on again to get as far as possible before nightfall.

Global hashpoint[edit]

Between just after that geohash I and Kamloops I gave a ride to a nice hitch-hiker, my good dead for the day!. Around Kamloops the weather started to get nasty, Snow, dense fog etc, but luckily it was much better when I arrived in Barriere. Still somewhat cold, but no snow or rain. It had gotten dark, but I did bring a flashlight and most of the route was on a good road that was not accessible by car in winter, but clearly marked. The last 200m or so was some bushwacking but not to difficult. The snow was easy enough to walk through. I made it to the hash around 8PM and back out an hour later. After that i got myself dinner and found a good place to park my van for the night in Clearwater. The next day I continued to Prince George which (Hwy 5 to hwy 16) which took quite long because of the snowy, icy, and slushy road conditions. I visited friends there for New Year's, not planned but made possible by crazy geohashing.


track to globalhash from Barriere


Wijnland earned the Globalhash achievement
by reaching the globalhash for 2013-12-29.
Wijnland earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching the (49, -123) and (50, -121) geohashes on 2013-12-29.
Wijnland earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (1.3km) reaching the (49, -123) geohash on 2013-12-29.