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2013-09-28 52 -0

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Sat 28 Sep 2013 in 52,-0:
52.5975143, -0.5359618

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[edit] Location

At Duddington, a few metres east of the A43 south of the roundabout where it crosses the A47.

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[edit] Expedition

Attempt 1 of 3 today :: 2013-09-28 52 -0 :: 2013-09-28 52 0 :: 2013-09-28 52 1

There was an access road to agricultural land where it was possible to park the car. A couple of hundred metres north and up a steep bank roadside cutting, there was the hashpoint. I got to within 8 metres on the wrong side of a well maintained human and animal proof hedge. On the other side, not far away was a public footpath so the point was reachable. I didn't think it was necessary to walk the extra distance to stand on the exact spot. Sliding down the bank in a manoeuvre I call a glassade, I had a flash of memory from my childhood of the joy of sliding down a steep hill on ones backside. Fun!

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