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Sat 7 Sep 2013 in 47,8:
47.2431893, 8.5270279

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A meadow in Hausen a.A.




S10 train at 2.55pm from Zurich to Uitikon, bus 201 to the church, bus 235 to Hausen, reaching it at 3.36, walk to the hashpoint to reach it at 4pm.


This weekend, an annual event called Knabenschiessen was taking place in Zurich, involving shooting, the largest fair in the country and an exorbitant gathering of people, which would have been enough of an excuse to leave the city all by itself. But Calamus had an even better one: an easily-reachable hashpoint.

It was located in Hausen, the next village from Aeugst, and therefore rather close to the point of a few days before. And since Calamus had really liked that one's surroundings, there was no question he was going to do this expedition.

This time he wanted to save some time by going a part of the way by train instead of by bus. But because of either the Knabenschiessen or an accident, the train ran a full two minutes late. Most fortunately, Calamus was the only person to use the consecutive bus, so the driver waited for him. And then it was back onto the bus from last time, only this time Calamus rode it to the terminal station.

Just about anything that can be said about Aeugst applies to Hausen as well. The kids back in school had claimed the income per capita was slightly lower in Hausen, but that might be true or not. Anyway, Hausen also contains the Türlersee "lake" (it's rather a well-sized pond, really), but otherwise features very similar landscapes.

The point was on a field right outside the core village. The field was fenced in, so even though Calamus had the right to enter the field, the rules of politeness required that he asked the owner's permission first. After he had asked at one of the two farms nearby whether it was theirs and was told by an almost panicking stable maiden that it very probably wasn't, it was already too late to walk over to the other farm and find somebody before 4pm. But it didn't look like anybody was home anyway, so Calamus just was a little less polite for once and proceeded to the hashpoint.

This time, he returned to the station just a few minutes before departure - considerably better than last time. The boy in front of him proved impeccable taste in music ("I schänke dr mis Härz" by Züri West being audible from his headphones), but was soon drowned in the latest I-can't-sing-but-I've-got-money US trash which even Autotune had not been able to to correct, coming from a correspondingly dressed girl entering the bus. Calamus resorted to input-blocking meditation.


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Calamus earned the xkcd Decurion achievement
by attending 11 Saturday meetups.
Calamus earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2013-09-06.