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Tue 3 Sep 2013 in 47,8:
47.2765677, 8.4844792

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A woodside near Aeugst a.A.




The 235 bus leaves from Wiedikon at 9pm. Go to Aeugstertal-Chloster, walk from there. --Calamus 11:12, 2 September 2013 (EDT)


Back in school, the kids with rich parents had always lived in Aeugst village, sometimes in Hausen or Stallikon (that region is called the Säuliamt, "pigs' office", for some reason), but usually Aeugst. Back then, Calamus had wondered why people who could probably afford a house or apartment in Zurich would live beyond the ridge, from where their children would need more than half an hour by bus to get to school, and even longer to the city's centre. Today, he understood the appeal of a quiet place with a nice view, but you can get that in Zurich too, if you know where to look.

Taking the bus (or rather the postcar), he began to envy his former classmates for their way to school. In the late summer sun shining from the cloudless cyan sky, the fields, forests and timber framed houses made for a marvelous display.

Calamus didn't want to change to another bus, so he went as close as he could, then left the bus and walked the last part. The landscape was especially nice out here, and so Calamus did't mind getting lost a few times.

The hashpoint wasn't only at the woodside, but also next to a small swamp. On a mountain. If the swamp had contained an island, it would have been a rainbow mana source, but it didn't. So Calamus just took a picture and returned to tne bus station. At this point, any plans he might have has to move house out here were immediately disbanded. At this time of day, the bus left from here once an hour. In Zurich, taking a bus or tram is much like taking an elevator: You may have to wait for a moment, but it's so insignificant that you normally don't give it much thought. In fact, having to wait more than a few minutes makes you sincerely worried about the driver and passengers' well-being. But once an hour... At least Calamus now understood the high number of cars on the road.

Since walking was better than sitting, he walked along the road for some time before being caught up with by the bus and returning to Zurich.


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