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Fri 6 Sep 2013 in 47,8:
47.4282816, 8.5322994

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A forest in Zurich's Seebach district.




The hash lies less than a km away from my usual jogging route, I'm then going to make a small detour and visit the hash before breakfast, so I don't think I'll meet anyone. But you never know. Since I usually plan my jog so that I don't cross my own path, I'll try to achieve the Tron badge, hoping I don't get lost between the trees.

I have a congress in the Oerlikon district and plan to step by in the morning as well. When did you plan to be there? --Calamus 16:56, 5 September 2013 (EDT)


If you don't reply, I'll catch: S16 at 8.17am from Zurich to Oerlikon, bus 75 to Schönauring, arriving at hashpoint before 8.45. --Calamus 17:32, 5 September 2013 (EDT)

Sorry, I was already asleep when you wrote me, and went jogging before checking my mail :( I was at the hashpoint at around 7:30. See you next time! -- Guga2112 (talk) 03:22, 6 September 2013 (EDT)



It's 6:15 and the alarm clock wakes me up. I have to get up as fast as possible before it decides to wake also my wife. I'm not prepared to face the consequences of that happening, so I turn off the alarm clock and get ready for my morning jog. Fifteen minutes later I'm ready and, well, motivated. My second geohashing is just two kilometers from my usual route, so it will be a fun experience.

The first five kilometers go as usual, I'm trying to jog a little slower so that I'm sure I get to the hashpoint without dying. After 7 kilometers, while I'm enjoying the wonderful view of the country immersed in the fog while the sun rises behind the hills, a damn bee starts to chase me! Fortunately it gave up soon enough not to make me mess up my plan. Kilometer 9, and suddenly, cows. Cows everywhere. This new track is interesting. The air smells like tea leaves and cow excrements, but aside from that, it's very nice. I'm now inside the woods and I start going slower, as the hashpoint is getting closer and I'm more interested in watching my GPS than the surroundings. I found an interesting barbecue place in the woods, with two picnic tables and a drinking fountain. I'll have a barbecue there, someday. After a few meters, here I am! The hashpoint! A quick stop to take a snapshot from my phone and, back on the run. I still have three or four kilometers and my wife is now probably awake and angry that she has to wait for me to have breakfast. After 1h25m and 14.3km I'm back home, happy as I can be and ready to make up for all the calories I lost. Breakfast, here I come!


The northern part of Zurich was actually Calamus's least favorite part. Especially in Oerlikon, the buildings just didn't fit each other, and while it wasn't exactly dirty, car emissions reached a smellable level here. However, he had hardly ever been to Seebach, which was to the north of even Oerlikon, and he'd heard it to be much better.

As it happened, Calamus had a convention in Oerlikon these days, so going to Seebach wasn't more than a little detour in the morning. Calamus took the bus from Oerlikon station and soon reached what was even less urban than the rest of the city. In fact, Calamus wasn't sure whether he was still on the city's terrain, as the landscape mostly consisted of plains, woods and brooks, only a few houses blocking the view. Calamus really liked this neighbourhood right from the start.

The way to the hashpoint wasn't far. It was in a small forest, just a few steps off the path. The only problem that while he was homing in on the point, his GPS stopped updating. A restart fixed the problem, however, so he took his pictures and returned to the convention, easily in time for the first presentation.



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Guga2112 earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (47, 8) geohash without crossing his own tracks on 2013-09-06.