2013-08-30 44 -117

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Fri 30 Aug 2013 in 44,-117:
44.6001421, -117.4660292

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In the desert near Durkee, OR



I was traveling from Boise, ID to Portland, OR today. So before I left I scouted hashes along the route. A number of them looked somewhat promising. This was the first (of 2) that I decided to definitely try for.


While in route to Portland, we exited the interstate at the Durkee exit. We passed by some old houses in various states of repair, and a rather old-fashioned looking church. The railings, concrete, and the bell in the tower were obviously quite old, but the building had been very recently painted and had a new roof, so it could almost fool one into believing it was newly made in an old-time style. We didn't see a single person in the very small town though. At the far edge of town, we took a gravel road which went back under the interstate to the side where the hash was located. We then left the gravel road for a dirt "road" (more like a jeep trail). About a quarter of a mile from the hash, the quality of the trail deteriorated past the threshold where my wife gets grumpy about me taking my car on it So I pulled off to the side and set out walking. I invited my wife to come along, but she elected to stay in the car instead, it being a rather hot day (~90°F). I walked the remainder of the way to the hash, posted my success to the wiki, took some photos, and headed back to the car. All told, this hash added 30-40 minutes and 2-3 miles of driving to the total length of our trip.



Minesweeper geohash flag.png Minesweeper geohash flag.png Minesweeper geohash flag.png
Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash 5.png Minesweeper geohash flag.png
Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash flag.png
Eldin achieved level 5 of the Minesweeper Geohash achievement
by visiting coordinates in Boise, Idaho and 5 of the surrounding graticules.
Eldin earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (44, -117) geohash on 2013-08-30.