2013-05-13 33 -97

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Mon 13 May 2013 in 33,-97:
33.5722309, -97.0394874

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The hash was is a field a few miles southeast of Gainesville, about 200 yards from a 2-lane farm-to-market road. (Since many hashes in this area are located on agricultural land, travel on one of these is almost always necessary to reach the location.) This location was a relatively easy one to reach for me; even though it was about 30 miles away from where I live, about 25 of those could be done at 65 MPH with the help of the interstate.



Upon arriving in the area, I parked the car and began searching for a way around the barbed-wire fence between me and the hash. No trespassing signs were not posted. Upon reaching a gate, I quickly climbed over it and into the field. Just as I began my final navigation toward the hash, I noticed that there stood a herd of cows, standing in the shade near the fence. I estimate they were about 30 feet away from me, and, not wanting to risk injury, I decided to abort the mission and climb back over the gate.