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Wed 27 Mar 2013 in 38,-76:
38.5357028, -76.1074312

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1000 feet down a drainage ditch from the road in Cambridge, MD


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When I found the place on the road where I intended to pull over at 5 pm, there were three guys in a pickup truck rolling up a big red hose that had been laid out along the shoulder. Like I've seen in the past to provide temporary water service. I did a U-turn and parked on the other side of the road. I hopped the drainage ditch that was between the road and the land and set out. The drainage ditch was gross and full of green algae. Depending on the location, one or the other side of the ditch was easier going so I hopped it twice on the way to the geohash. The actual location is on the edge of a forest. There were lots of thorned, viney plants which grasped at my clothing and boots.

Once I got there, I snapped the pic, and was ready to head home after a long day of geohashing. I left home at 10 am, three geohash points ago. It was not 5:30 and I was ready to head home--it was 2 1/2 hours away. I got home at 8pm.