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West of -30°: .5357028, .1074312
East of -30°: .9598472, .1286154
Globalhash: 82.772491946958, -133.69845291373 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Wagga Wagga, Australia Lachie In a thistle paddock near Werribee
Washington (East), District of Columbia OfficeLinebacker 1000 feet down a drainage ditch from the road in Cambridge, MD
Baltimore, Maryland OfficeLinebacker On a parade ground on an Army Reserve base in Havre de Grace, MD
Frederick, Maryland OfficeLinebacker In a thicket near a quarry in Westminster, MD
Detroit, Michigan Billsquared Today's hash location is in the parking lot of Oakland Mall, near Sears.
Boise, Idaho Eldin Close to a park and several historical sites, in southeast Boise.
Erfurt, Germany Rincewind, wednesdays", "i've got volleyball on mondays In the middle of a field near Büßleben, Erfurt (TH)
Radom, Poland Norill, Ziemba, Ziemek A molehill on field in the village of Sobików.

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