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Tue 12 Mar 2013 in -35,149:
-35.3972633, 149.1765148

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In a field by a dam on the farm called "Environa", just south of Jerrabombera, a suburb of Queanbeyan near Canberra. Hence, on Canberra's 100th anniversary, the hash was in a "sheep paddock" which was what Canberra was 100 years ago.





Go over lunchtime, about 15km from work.


I went to the Australian Capital Teritory's industrial suburb of Hume, where there is an access under the railway line onto the New South Wales (state) side of the border.

Immediately I got onto the road beside the rail line, I found two enormous road machines, a ggrader and a roller-compactor. They were fixing the road surface from the under=line access to the gate of "Environa" where the hash was in a field.

I drove up the road after the grader had made a 'pass', and stopped at the closed gate to Environa where a sign said that it was private property. I took several pictures and then watched as a car drove out to the gate. I spoke to the person, who was not part of the owner-family, saying about geohashing and saying that I was not going to trespass within the property.

At this time, both machines were ariving and the car went down the road with some difficulty. I chose to drive a little furthewr and get some pictures of the sheep shearing shed on the farm. I then followed the machines slowly down the track, and got out to take some further pictures over Envrona where I saw some ceremonial gates in the field.

Later, I looked again at the images of the site and saw an alignment along a 'planned' area and found that Environa was obviously an approved suburb that was never put in place.