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West of -30°: .4269208, .0285898
East of -30°: .3972633, .1765148
Globalhash: -18.492609910262, -116.45466435327 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Canberra, Australia 1PE In a field by a dam on the farm called "Environa", just south of Jerrabombe...
Renfrew, Ontario AndrewM A field on Dunrobin Road, just outside of the town of Dunrobin.
Cambridge, United Kingdom Benjw In a field north of Wentworth, near Ely. Very close to the 2012-09-12 52 0 and 2012-09-15 52 0 hashpoint...
Berlin, Germany Karasu A crisp and beautiful winter's forest at the border of Berlin and Brandenbu...
Turku, Finland Suurnesu Again the hashpoint happened to land on one of Turku's islands. This time i...

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