2013-03-12 60 22

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Tue 12 Mar 2013 in 60,22:
60.3972633, 22.1765148

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Again the hashpoint happened to land on one of Turku's islands. This time it was in a small field in the Island of Hirvensalo.



I noticed that the hashpoint is again quite easy to reach. I would have liked to go there during daylight but unfortunately it was already dark at 21 when I was able to leave home.

I drove to Hirvensalo and during the ride it begun to snow. Snowing was quite light, however, and I had no problems reaching the place.

I left my car at a bus stop. Then I continued towards the zero point on foot. It was only about 35 meters from the road. There was quite a lot of snow on the field. I had my long winter boots but still I managed to get some snow inside the boots. At some points there was snow up to my knees.

Navigating was easy and I managed to get into a position where my GPS showed 0m.

It was peaceful and dark. Only one car passed the place while I was trying to take pictures. No other tracks in the snow this time. Nice geohash again! :)