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Sun 9 Dec 2012 in 51,0:
51.1711597, 0.0247772

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[edit] Location

A field just east of Lingfield, Surrey - and within three miles of the neighbouring graticule's hashpoint. Gotta love that Prime Meridian!

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Huinesoron intends to head down sometime Sunday afternoon and hit (or at least stare longingly at) both this and the 51 -0 hashpoint for a Multihash.

For this one in particular, there's also a number of geocaches that, given the wintery trees, may be within sight of the hashpoint, making for a possible hash collision achievement.

[edit] Expedition

This expedition was Part 2 of an attempted Multihash. See 2012-12-09 51 -0 for the other half.

Two hashes, only a mile or so apart - could there be a better setup for a multihash? Well, apparently yes: I failed to reach my first target, and had to simply hope the second was possible.

I hopped back onto the main road and drove east. Was the hash accessible? Could I even spot it?

"I think that was it, actually..."

Okay: turn around. Head back. It's a field, and it looks good. But where can I park? Not here... not here... not here either... ah, here we go.

It was a long walk back to the hash. But when I got there: success! Relief! There was a footpath running into the field. That meant I had guaranteed legal access - much better than last time.

Not that it was much of a footpath - and the field beyond was worse, freshly-ploughed mud. But in the service of some random numbers and the Internet, I pressed on into the mire.

There was no real way of knowing the precise location of the hash. I hear some people have 'portable computing technology' which lets them pinpoint their location, but I don't believe a word of it. I picked a spot roughly equally distant from the two lines of trees and took the obligatory ridiculous photo.

(Unfortunately, those trees did away with my chance of a Hash collision achievement; it was a long shot anyway, with the cache in question being about a mile away, but it could have been technically visible...)

There's not much more to say. I extracted myself from the sea of mud, placed a quirky little sign by the field on the off-chance that anyone noticed, and headed back to the car and my increasingly disgruntled wife.

I don't think she appreciated the state of my shoes...

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

No new achievements, though I suppose this counts as a No Batteries Geohash? But so do all of mine so far...