2012-12-09 51 -0

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Sun 9 Dec 2012 in 51,-0:
51.1711597, -0.0247772

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In a field in Lingfield, Surrey - and within three miles of the neighbouring graticule's hashpoint. Gotta love that Prime Meridian!



Huinesoron will attempt to hit (or come within rock-throwing distance of) this and the 51 0 hashpoint for a Multihash sometime Sunday afternoon.


This expedition was Part 1 of an attempted Multihash. See 2012-12-09 51 0 for the other half.

For quite some time, I've been aware that the Prime Meridian bordering my home graticule makes for a marvellous opportunity: if a hash pops up near the western edge, I can quite possibly get both the East and West simultaneously. Of course, there's the problem that I don't live anywhere near the western edge of London East - but what's a couple of hours' driving in the cause of Geohashing?

This was the first date on which the hashes came close together, and on a day I was free. Never mind that it was the middle of winter; never mind that my wife didn't want to do anything of the sort; it was Multihash time! In eager anticipation, I also pulled up the local list of geocaches; there were a few that might be worth hitting, and one long shot at a hash collision.

So, on a grey winter's morning, we hopped in the car - that's myself and my wife, having dropped the children off with my parents - and set off. A couple of hours was all it took to reach the site of the hashes: Lingfield, Surrey, a village about to assume cosmic significance.

Or it would have, if I could actually get to the hash. The first attempt got me nowhere: the handy roads which looked like they led close to it simply ran out in houses. I consoled myself by picking up a pair of geotheotherones, and set off on a careful circumnavigation of the hash point.

... which got me nowhere. Every approach was blocked, with houses, hedges, or gates (on which the 'No Trespassers' sign at least earned me a No trespassing consolation prize). I looked as hard as I could, but it was hopeless. There would be no multihash for me.

But was there still a chance of reaching the other half of the (non-)Multihash? Find out over here...



Huinesoron earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (51, -0) geohash on 2012-12-09.
2012-12-09 51 -0 NotThatWayThreither.jpg