2012-08-21 47 -117

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Tue 21 Aug 2012 in 47,-117:
47.6594488, -117.4660541

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in Greenwood Memorial Cemetery on Government Way.


Greenup, Rab, Greer, Nessa, and Pace.



1. I had some difficulties with the coordinates... Though I had printed out pictures/maps of where I was going, for some reason, the actual coordinates didn't print out. Then I managed to get the decimals after the wrong degree numbers...

2. A cemetery is NOT necessarily an easy place to locate a geohash. To be properly respectful, you have to watch your surroundings more than the changing numbers, so you aren't walking all over people's graves.

3. My GPS is... poor. After wandering 10 feet this way, ten feet that way, re-aligning to north because the wrong decimal was changing when I moved, repeating the process, going too far, finally just standing STILL in utter frustration, and then watching the numbers continue to wander all over the place. Sigh; I know there are GENERAL accuracy issues, but I think my phone is particularly known for it's pathetic GPS capabilities.

4. Even though I made them stay in the car for a while to avoid walking on people, the kids seemed to have fun. if nothing else, they got some DS time in on the car ride out and back.



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