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West of -30°: .6594488, .4660541
East of -30°: .7228289, .1107242
Globalhash: 40.109207243749, -140.13929860663 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Buenos Aires, Argentina Wido UTN's Campus backyard, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Melbourne, Australia Snaplatitude, a mcdonalds employee Private paddock near Bungal dam.
San Francisco, California Anniepoo, Thomcat On a residential street in Serramonte
Wichita, Kansas Nessalc A cul-de-sac in Wichita, south of Kellogg on 107th St.
Verona, Italy Rmeht The hash is located on the east side of Lake Iseo, just over the hills. Eas...
Spokane, Washington Greenup in Greenwood Memorial Cemetery on Government Way.
Stuttgart, Germany User:DarkMark In Stuttgart Vaihingen(?) right next to a sports field.
Weymouth, United Kingdom ryan miller, charlie foulds, David Miller A wooded trail just outside of Sandford.
Swindon, United Kingdom Ali0sha, ellie, peter A field near Cuddleston, east of Oxford, at around 2pm.

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